About Us

Welcome to Stock Show Shop!

Originally created by Sarah Wray, stemming from her frustration at the lack of stock show toys for her little show people. Quality horses and other animals were available, however, the cattle toys just weren’t up to snuff. Born out of necessity she created the original Stock Show Toy steer. Now, with her own family farm, successful media company (Story Brokers Media House), and endless hours of community involvement, Sarah, finds herself a few hours short in the day to continue Stock Show Toys. Thus, she has handed the reigns over to her cousin! 




Dakota, was born and raised on Miller Wilson Angus a purebred Angus farm at what we like to call Canada’s hotspot — Bashaw, Alberta. Along with my husband Bobby we own and operate Bashaw Meats and Sausage as well!

Showing cattle has been a staple in my family’s life, serving as the inspiration behind the growth of the Stock Show Shop, into a boutique offering a full line of stock show related accessories and products. Hopefully, you will enjoy them and be entertained along the way!